Cebu International Academy

“The Academy where SUCCESS means Achieving your POTENTIALS.”

Learning English has been a worldwide trend and is becoming a must to foreign people since it is considered as the universal language. People from non-English speaking countries fly abroad for this purpose. Learning the language would help them land a good job and make friends with people around the world thus improving their lifestyle and helping them succeed and reach their goals.

CIA is here to help students around the world achieve that intention.

But why choose CIA?

  1. CIA has considerable experience for 14 years and has designed a good environment for students. Now, we are also expanding our school with our new campus, with newer and advanced facilities, more space for learning, and greater number of students that we can cater. CIA rules are also designed to help students improve independence as well as learning.
  2. The location of CIA is convenient in CEBU. The accommodation is new and comfortable for students because CIA was relocated to A.S. Fortuna in July 2012. CIA is now only 15 minutes away from Mactan Airport and 3 minutes away from J Centre Mall. It has easy access to major malls, restaurants, bars, and fun places where students can unwind after a long tiring day.
  3. There are many excellent professional teachers in CIA. We have an extensive line-up of teachers and they have comprehensive knowledge and skill in teaching English. Moreover, they know how to improve the student’s English skill and make it enjoyable at the same time through varied techniques and methods that would cater different levels and types of students.
  4. CIA provides a wide range of courses which specializes in ESL, TOEIC, IELTS, Business English, Working Holiday Course (Australia) and Callan. In detail, we offer many programs that will attend to the specific needs of the students.
  5. There are appropriate systems to manage students and give the best possible service. When students need support aside from studying such as receiving and sending things through the post office, exchange money and travel, CIA can provide useful information.
  6. There is a wide variety of nationalities in CIA. We accept students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Libya and other Middle East countries, and as well as Mongolia. This is a valuable opportunity to communicate with different people. Consequently, students can practice English by interacting with other people in terms of listening, speaking, and learning distinct accents.
  7. Many activities are provided every week and every month to make students be motivated. These activities also make the students’ life in CIA enjoyable and unforgettable.

    English Speech Contest
    Formal Essay Writing Contest
    1 Minute Speech
    Public Speaking
    Spelling Bee
    Weekly Zumba
    Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments
    Volunteer Activity
    Golden Bell
    CIA’s Got Talent
    Tropical Fruit Party and Games
    English Month
    Fact or Bluff Game Show
    Valentines, Halloween, Teacher’s Day and Christmas Party
    and many more !

  8. CIA offers nutritious meals which have a good supply of vitamins and essential nutrients. To be accustomed to the different preferences in each country, CIA tries to understand more demands of students from different counties. The kitchen staff and the chef tries to come up with new menu ideas to accommodate the different nationalities.

“Achieve your DREAMS of studying ENGLISH here at CIA and create your FUTURE with us.”

Class Configuration

Daily Test Daily vocabulary and grammar topics in two different levels
One on One Class One teacher focuses on one student to teach the student each subject such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing with grammar. This will aid in strengthening student’s weaknesses in the four macro skills. Through private lessons, individuals can focus on the lacking area and part to raise  their overall level.
Small and Medium Group Classes These are organized to help students learn grammar, vocabulary, expressions and more while conversing with other classmates and the teacher.
Native and CNN Classes Students can utilize the materials to fully understand the news on various topic and incidents in the world. They can also focus on improving their American accent.
Self Writing Class Requires students to write an essay following the given prompts and daily words with a specified length and number of words.
Enhancement Classes These are big classes that focuses on the skills like presentation and power point making, reporting and creative presentations, accent, idioms through various media, like movies, songs, news reports, and more. These give students enough chance to improve on their chosen skill.

  • EVERYDAY IDIOMS. To learn and master common American Idioms and to familiarize contents that are organized thematically into 50 logical, easy to access categories including common situations, topics, and functions in English. The idioms within each Category share related meaning or purpose. This arrangement makes it easy to successfully find, learn and remember the idioms.
  • BUSINESS ENGLISH. To improve the ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business related situations and to enrich student’s knowledge of the business world. To help them become more fluent and confident in using the language of business for them to increase their career prospects.
  • AMERICAN ACCENT TRAINING. To be acquainted with the American accent and to provide students ample oral communication practice in the production of vowel and consonant sounds. to help students gain confidence using the accent in general daily communication, the way that is most comfortable and familiar to both  students and the listeners.
  • PRESENTATION CLASS. To enhance student’s communication skills and boost their confidence in possible public speaking situations. Students are given rigid activities that will develop student’s ability to comprehend and speak English more fluently in a bigger population.
  • CINEMA FOCUS. To allow student’s to be familiar with the American and British accent, intonation, speed, terminologies used by different speakers in the movies. The students are provided with suggested movies which are perfect for all levels. Through this activity, students are insured to have fun and enjoyment while learning the language by getting involved in any given communication activities.
  • COMMUNICATION A-Z. To broaden student’s vocabulary skill by giving them thematic sets of words that can be used in any possible cases that they may encounter in their daily life situations. To familiarize varied life topics for interaction and exchanging of views and opinions to enhance student’s communication skills. Students will be exposed to different scenarios in life by learning the common cases encountered by most individuals.


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