CIA English Camp is the No.1 English camp in Cebu, Philippines that has been around for 14 years since 2003.

CIA English Camp, with 400-500 students joining every year, has been hosting a global English camp with Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese students.

camp regular schedule

CIA Junior Camp strengths are:

  • Man-to-man classes with a competent teacher,
  • Group classes with native teacher from America or Australia who can speak English with accurate pronunciation and intonation,
  • Great leveling and class system with appropriate books and resources,
  • Sports class with various sports to learn and enjoy,
  • Varied fun activities in Cebu 
  1. Resort Day Tour ( J-Park Resort, Plantation Bay, and Sky Water Park In J Centre Mall )
  2. Volunteer Activity
  3. Talent Show
  4. Souvenir Shopping
  5. Zipline, Water Sports, Fishing Activity and more…
  • and Global activities for all our international students joining in the camp.

camp books

Each classes and activities are creatively designed and planned to give students a fun-learning experience as well as varied opportunities to learn English, discover culture, strengthen friendship and bond, enhance skills and develop talents.

So what are you waiting for? Come and study with us now! Make your story with us!

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