FACT or BLUFF 2 : Which side will you take?

CIA offers big monthly activities for students and teachers. It is a great way for students and teachers to have more chances to learn and improve their knowledge.

This June, we are proud to present our second season of the game show, FACT or BLUFF. This is roughly based on a Philippine Television Game Show “Celebrity Bluff“.

The poster design of the second season of CIA’s Fact or Bluff game show for students and teachers. The image depicts the recreation of the big bang, wherein small particles created a great explosion, similar to people’s mind (when exposed to various information) will grow into something that is even bigger (knowledge is dangerous).

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I am CIA : CIA’s House Party!

Our Boss truly loves us as he invited us to his new house for a big party! We had a great buffet filled with many choices of food, drinks, karaoke, and dancing!

So we hope to have another house party in the near future.. Thank you so much Sir, until the next time~!!!