Chang, Yi-Shan “Eleanor” – Taiwanese Student – IELTS

Writing class is very helpful for me, and I love the time management in my Listening class. One of my teachers is strict and it is very good for me. My teachers are patient, friendly and are always well-prepared for the class. They have humor too. Clinic class is very helpful for students. The weekly mock test for IELTS is helpful as well but it will be better if it can end earlier. I wanted to get more information as well for the real test because I don’t have any idea about it. And lastly, it is good that students can change the classes anytime but sometimes, the schedule can be confusing.

Hirokami Daijiro “Daijiro” – Japanese Student – ESL

I think ESL is a good course for me. It has four parts; speaking, writing, listening and reading. I, especially, need to be better with my speaking skill and my listening as well. That’s why it’s a better course compare with other courses. But I had to say, I think I don’t need two self-study classes. I just need one. My teachers have different skills, ways in teaching and class atmosphere. All of them are kind, considerate and generous. My ESL books are useful, and easy to see and read. But I think it is better to have colors so students can get variation and it can provoke student’s will to study more. Ten classes in CIA is the best number of classes in a day. There are many contents. But every now and then, group class is not good for me to get my English skill better. Because we need to adjust to others and we can’t do anything in our own pace. But CNN class is beneficial.


Let’s talk about BUSINESS ENGLISH

Park Won Jun (Korea) Business English Student

“When I first studied this class, I was nervous and worried about the class because I’m not good at listening and speaking English. But after my first class, I was very satisfied. Teacher Grace was so kind and asked us so easily and waited for us until we say something. So I’ve got more confidence even if I’m not yet good. Let’s talk about the class. In class, we learn many things. We listen to our classmates’ thinking. It is a very good way to enhance listening because we all have different pronunciation and expression when we are speaking. So we can learn various words and other foreigner’s view point. And definitely the theme is business. Furthermore, we always do role-playing. For example, if we have to be an interviewee or interviewer, if we have a problem when we’re at work, when we have to make a decision in applying a company and what part of the company do we prefer, and etc. This kind of group discussion gave us, including me, a lot of opportunities to improve our English. Lastly, I want to tell you that if you come to this class, you will be better. Please study hard and achieve success.”

Homma Ryotaro (Japan) Business English Student

“Learning Business English can sometimes have ups and downs, but studying the course at CIA becomes fun for me. Through this class, I learn many things, especially Business English and career plan. Speaking about Business English, this class offers us a large number of useful words that I can use in business. Moreover, the text has many business situations and questions. It gives me important experiences about business before I work at a real company. When it comes to career plan, the class has a chance to consider own future career plan. By thinking about what work is, through own experiences, it is possible to review by myself and to discover new things that I never imagined. Discussing own opinions with classmates helps me to decide on my career plan. If you want to work at a multinational company or to use English in your job, there is no choice but to choose “MARKET LEADER”. I believe you can get a lot of values when you join this class.”


Let’s talk about CALLAN CLASS



“ I think Callan Method is useful for daily life conversation because in Callan Method, you can learn grammar. ”

Matsushita Maaka (Maaka) Japan



“ I like Callan Method because I can study all skills used in English. Callan Method is easy to understand. (And the book is thin so we can finish it early and easily.) ”

Yui Kasaya (Emma) Japan



“ I think Callan Method is good for studying English because students can talk more than other group classes. In the class, you can speak long sentences since it won’t mean anything if I don’t continue it. ”

Natsumi Tomari (Natsugon) Japan



“ I think Callan Method can help you speak English a lot compare to Native classes. Callan Method can help you speak long sentences. Students can learn good pronunciation. (I like Callan Lesson.) ”

Hazama Miyuki (Clea) Japan

DANTE – Han Tae Gyu (Korea)

My CIA life is very fun. I will never forget CIA life. I’m very fortunate. I met grateful teachers and many friends. Until now, these people take care of me and help me. I want to say “Thank you so much”. Leaving CIA doesn’t mean that I don’t have relationship with CIA anymore; I can come back to CIA anytime. I get many experiences: travel with friends, activity classes, even leaving time, I will not forget everything. In conclusion, I want to say to my teachers, ”You are very great teacher for me. I am very thankful about always helping me and guiding me. I will go to Canada and I will stay there for a long time. Thank you for everything”.